Getting Tough on Puppy Mills


When looking at those cute little puppies at the local pet shop, it’s hard to imagine they might have come from a “factory” known as a puppy mill.

According to a recent article, puppy mills are generally legal. Many of these mills operate as a sort of assembly line where adult female dogs are bred over and over. In many cases, these adult females suffered from poor living conditions, had intestinal parasites and had no training.

While puppy mills are generally legal, many mills are unregistered. It is these unregistered and illegal mills that are increasingly being raided by state and local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to shut them down.

Pure-bred puppies from these mills are usually sold to small pet stores, animal brokers and Web-based pet businesses.

The ASPCA recommends anyone looking for a dog avoid pet stores and seek out reputable breeders.

K9 Commentary:

I had no idea puppy mills were legal. I’d heard about them in the past, but I didn’t realize they were so common around the country. The people who run these mills claim the puppies are well taken care of–but how well can animals really be taken care of when the main goal of the people who breed them is to make money? It’s just APPALLING to think about how badly the adult female dogs who give birth to countless litters of dogs are treated. I hope these raids by law enforcement agencies continue, and that puppy mills are soon a thing of the past.

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