Review: Buddy Biscuits

buddybiscuitsSo I’m sitting in the living room, writing up this review for Buddy Biscuits… Casper is hovering at my side because I have the actual box of Buddy Biscuits on my lap.

He always seems to know when the Buddy Biscuits have made an appearance– the second I pull these things out of the cupboard, he’s on it. Generally, Casper is a huge fan of crunchy little biscuit-type treats of any kind, but I’m pretty sure he’d learn to speak Spanish in exchange for a whole box of these things.

They actually do make great little training treats–they’re small and thin and can be broken up into even smaller bits. I love breaking them up and using them as rewards when I practice tricks with Casper.

For about four bucks, you get TONS of treats! They’re all-natural as well–whole wheat flour, cheese, bacon, canola oil–that’s the ingredient list.

Here’s what Casper currently looks like as he hopes I’ll drop a treat or two on the ground:


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