Top 10 Reasons Mr. Bear Holds My Heart

Beary White

  1. When I get home from work, he acts like I’m just the person he was waiting for and he is so tickled to see me.
  2. He hogs the bed.
  3. He has supersized, pointy-pink ears.
  4. The little noise he makes when he yawns in the morning is as essential as my morning cup of joe.
  5. When I look at his furry little face, I forget my lists and loads of laundry.
  6. He doesn’t care what I’m wearing, what I do or if I’m cool.
  7. He tries to bite my feet when I workout to Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo. 
  8. He makes Molly, my parent’s Bichon Frise, exercise by chasing her around the house.
  9. He’s a pro model, letting me photograph him in bright red hoodies and T-shirts labeled “King of Hearts.”
  10. He is the closest I’ll get to having a baby right now, minus the dirty diapers and weight gain.
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