Too Many Treats??                              

post1pic_treat.jpgYou can never get too many treats…right? I know that’s what Cali thinks, but I always wonder how many is too many. She was a pretty hefty 83 pounds at her last vet visit, which is supposedly a pretty healthy weight for her size and age. She usually eats one or two bowls of food a day (we leave the bowls of dry food out for her all the time) and probably has a bone or rawhide every other day. The treats though– they’ve gone a little overboard in my opinion. Here’s a run down of her daily treats…

When Feebs leaves for work in the morning:

  • A Kong filled with peanut butter
  • 2 Milk Bone treats
  • 1 Milk Bone chewy treats (chicken flavored)
  • 2 Canine Carry Outs (small bacon flavored treats)
  • 1 FURminator treat

After her afternoon walk with Dave:

  • 1 Milk Bone chewy treat

Before bed snack:

  • 1 Canine Carry Out (small bacon flavored treat)

As you can see, she’s definitely a momma’s girl, and Feebs can’t resist the temptation to spoil her. Most treat packages that we have seen actually say a dog of her size can have anywhere from 4-8 treats a day, so maybe we aren’t that far off. Letus know what you think: How many treats are too many?

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