Review: Rescue Ink Unleashed

bc2009042_001.CR2When I first saw a commercial for National Geographic Channel’s upcoming new show, Rescue Ink Unleashed, I said to myself, “Nice! We get to see a bunch of tattoo-clad biker guys beat the crap out of animal abusers!”

After seeing the same promo a second time, I kind of hoped that wasn’t what the show was gonna be about. It could easily be a gimmicky sort of thing where someone gets an idea for a show, puts a bunch of tough guys together, and we all watch the butt-kicking ensue–with one eye on the TV, and the other buried in the nearest couch pillow.

After watching the series premiere episode titled, “It’s a Cruel World,” I was pleasantly surprised to find out what the Rescue Ink crew is all about–and it’s not about beating the crap out of people.

Big Ant, Eric, G, Batso and the rest of the guys operate Rescue Ink, a non-profit animal organization that fights animal abuse, with limited resources. They definitely rely on their toughness, abundance of tattoos, and street smarts–but these assets are put to good use, as the guys routinely seek out the worst reported cases of animal neglect and abuse.

The blend of powerful presence, sincerity in their belief that every animal should be given a chance, and an uncanny ability to stay calm under pressure, all while not lifting a finger to intimidate a single misguided animal abuser, is just amazing (seriously…who wouldn’t want to punch a guy who shoots stray cats with a pellet gun?).

This isn’t a show about tough guys who happen to like animals–this is a show about a group of animal lovers who are committed to putting an end to animal abuse–who happen to be tough guys.

Here’s a video clip from the first episode of Rescue Ink Unleashed, which premieres Friday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m.:

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