Blissful Moments                              

img_7300.jpgWe’re all extremely busy people. Since starting my Ph.D. program, I have become busier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Although I get home at a decent time in the day, the work only begins for me once I’ve stepped inside the door. I sit down, turn on the TV (I know, bad habit, but it’s my vice), and get straight to work.

The thing about being busy is that I feel extreme guilt about not having the time to hang out and play with the dogs. Sometimes I get so engrossed in my work, that I’ll look up and forget Pom Pom is sitting right next to me!

 One good thing that has come out of my busy life is my newfound appreciation of the little gestures that my babies do for me. One of the best moments in my day is when I walk through the door to fluffy, wagging tails and enthusiastic panting. Another great moment is when I get lost in my work and look up to find Pom and Casper and my kitty cat Beau laying on blankets next to me on the sofa, blissfully sleeping. However, nothing can ever beat the emperor of all blissful moments: When I’m working extra late into the early morning, and Dustin’s already asleep upstairs – I’ll look down by my feet, and Pom Pom will be sitting there with her big eyes looking up at me expectantly, silently “herding” me upstairs to bed.

During these moments, I can’t help but stick out my hand to pet her on the head, which she’ll always lick a couple of times as if to say she’s there for me. These are the moments that just melt my heart away…so yes, Pom’s very successful at getting me to go to bed. Oh, the simple things in life.

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