Behind the Paw: Part II

(This post is currently being modified in increments. I’m adding content to it daily as I can find the time to chip away at the three days worth of awesomeness. I apologize sincerely for my tardiness but promise a really good story at the end!)

For part two of my experience with Iams and Eukanuba, I figured that I would write a little journal about my trip. I’ll write my own disclaimer this time to say that this post is only meant to explain my experiences, and doesn’t necessarily represent the opinions of AvenueK9 or anyone else but my selfish, soap-boxey little self. 🙂
Picture of two labs eating
The trip started with the sound of my alarm clock on my BlackBerry, bright and far too early at 6:30am on a typical hot and humid Miami Wednesday morning. Love the weather, hate the airport, but come to find out it’s not so bad on a non-holiday weekday morning. I was at MIA and to my gate by 7:30am, ready for what was sure to be a fun three days of social networking in the real world.

A brief layover in North Carolina for some wifi and tweets about my excitement of the pending events….

On to Dayton, where I’m greeted at the airport by Mark, the very nice driver-man that would escort me to the Drury Inn Hotel. With a name like “drury” it doesn’t sound like much, but trust me it’s a great place! The staff were nice, breakfast was good, and there’s even a bar at night and your stay comes with 3 free drinks! Woo hoo!

At the check-in, I’m greeted by a gift basket loaded with goodies from Proctor and Gamble for my stay. Aspirin, shampoo, body wash, all the essential items to keep me feeling healthy and refreshed for the next three days. A quick shower with my new found treasures and it’s downstairs to meet the crew of 7 other bloggers and a slew of Iams and Eukanuba representatives, all of which were also very nice! (Do you see a trend here yet?)

Dinner was the ice breaker, and it was loads of fun. I’ve got lots more to write but no time at the moment to do it! Arg!

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