Review: Solid Gold Animal Skin Care Cream

solidgoldcreamWhen seasons begin to change, I don’t need to look out the window to see leaves falling to the ground or feel colder temperature in the air–all I have to do is watch Casper scratch like crazy at the foot of the bed every morning.

Season changes really affect his skin, so we have always had multiple hot spot sprays on-hand to keep him from scratching his skin raw. They never really seem to do a whole lot more than make his skin smell like a medicine cabinet.

We recently bought some skin cream made by Solid Gold that “Aids in the relief of minor skin irritations.”

We tried the cream on one of Casper’s hot-spots. It has this really gross, thick, goopy texture, but it stuck right onto that hot-spot and didn’t let go.

Casper ended up licking the cream off the first time. Then his stomach made weird noises…because he just ate nasty skin care cream. I reapplied the stuff and watched him until he seemed to forget the cream was there.

After applying the cream three times a day according to the directions, we noticed Casper stopped scratching his spot after just one full day of use. The redness then began going away in the next couple of days.

This cream definitely helps with redness and skin irritation on your pooch. It’s not cheap (11 bucks for a 2-ounce container), but it beats paying $8 dollars each for two different types of hot-spot sprays that don’t work.

Pros: Seems to relieve redness and skin irritation quickly

Cons: Price. Thick and goopy texture isn’t so great when it’s all over your fingers and your pet’s fur.


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