China Orders Mass Killing of Dogs

There are reports from China that a citywide dog sweep will begin Thursday in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province near Beijing. Dogs that are not registered and vaccinated will reportedly be killed, along with stray animals.

Residents with dogs over one foot in height or with those which are considered to be “dangerous breeds” are being asked to kill their own dogs by September 10. If these animals are not killed, police will then form dog-beating squads, go through the district and kill all such dogs. Owners will then be fined for the killing.

While authorities say this plan was put in place to deal with recent dog-biting incidents in the area, the International Fund for Animal Welfare Asia Regional Director says that officials chose this particular time to “clean the streets” in time for China’s National Day on October 1.

The director said that such a mass killing of dogs will generate outrage from people all over the world.

Currently, China does not have any type of animal welfare law in place, which
means that there is no penalty for the cruel treatment and killing of animals.


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