The Holy Grail of Water Fountains

dog water fountainI’m always amused and amazed by the huge influence our four-legged friends have over us. Take, for example, the lead of this post. Somewhere out there, I bet there’s an organization that fosters two- and three-legged dogs, which might find the first sentence not very empathetic or politically correct. But I digress. A few weeks ago, I came across the coolest idea some civil engineer, I assume, decided to bring to life. A dog fountain. Yep. Perhaps, they already exist en masse somewhere near another Dogville that isn’t Elk Grove.  Regardless, this drinking contraption struck me as very odd and ergonomically displaced, at first glance. What kind of a person needs a fountain that’s THAT low? Ridiculous. Then, I saw Dane Cook walk his German Sheppard over to the green fountain and peddle the drinking button, allowing his parched dog to get a cold, fresh swig of water. Except it wasn’t Dane Cook. In fact, he was a developed man in his late 50s I spotted from several yards away. But the fountain was still very fancy. Lovely idea. I say, we should urge our city council members to implement this useful doggie drinking fountain in all parks. Fresh water for every dog!

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