Neuticles…Make Your Dog “Whole” Again?

nutsI was recently in earshot of a conversation between two people that went something like this:

“It pisses me off that the pound cuts off a dog’s balls before you can take them home. I mean, you don’t even have a choice. They just CUT them off!”

Alright, so lots of people have lots of different schools of thought on spaying and neutering pets, but I’m not looking to raise that little debate in this post. That conversation I overheard just reminded me of something I read about a long time ago called Neuticles.

Neuticles are testicular implants for pets. With Neuticles, It’s Like Nothing Ever Changed!

That’s their tagline.

If you’re really, deeply concerned that your dog’s self-esteem was snipped away right along with his little roundies, then there’s only one question left to answer: Will you choose Neuticles Original, Natural, or Ultra-Plus?

But I won’t criticize. There seems to be a big enough market for this out there, so kudos for cashing in.

Speaking of cashing in, my favorite part about Neuticles? Their merchandise page.

Please, check it out. You HAVE to…unless you DON’T want your very own Neuticles keychain or bathrobe…


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