Canine Flu: Should You Be Worried?

canineflueThe end of summer usually means back to school and back to work–and the beginning of flu season. This year, there is concern that the canine flu virus may be more widespread than in previous years.

However, experts say dog owners shouldn’t panic.

Unless your dog is regularly in close contact with other dogs, or if you live in areas where there’s an outbreak or where there have been multiple past outbreaks — a vaccination probably isn’t necessary.

Yes, there is a canine flu vaccine out there. It costs about $20 for each of the series of two shots, given two to four weeks apart. The vaccine’s developer says it significantly reduces the length and severity of symptoms and dramatically curbs the flu’s spread.

Typical canine flu symptoms are coughing, fever, runny-nose and loss-of-appetite. The majority of dogs who contract the flu recover in one to three weeks.


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