Review: Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowl

Siliconebowls_smallThis summer, we traveled with all 5 of our pets to spend a few weeks in California.  When we travel, we usually pack up all of their heavy ceramic bowls.  So this time, we tried a collaspable bowl to lighten our travel load.

The silicone collapsible bowl from Bamboo was definitely light – it folds and “collapses” into a disc.  Another perk of the bowl is that you can unfold it to whatever size you need it to be.  But, the pets were not big fans.  Or I guess I should be more specific: the pets weren’t fan of the collapsible bowl as a food bowl, which was what I tried using it as in the beginning.

I couldn’t figure it out, but I think Casper just wasn’t a fan of the bright green color of the bowl.  For whatever reason, the silicone feel of the bowl freaked Casper out and he ran from it whenever it put the bowl down.  Interesting enough, I revived the bowl as a water bowl in the later part of our trip, and it worked out quite well.  Somehow, it made a difference for the dogs and they drank water from it like crazy!

So, my personal recommendation is to use the silicone collapsible bowl as a travel water bowl.  My thoughts are that this bowl might work better with larger dogs…and maybe dogs that aren’t so picky about the bowls they eat out of.

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