Pet Feng Shui: Are You Out There?

340176050fra_20010711_00374.jpgI’m reading a book called Pretty Pet Friendly, and it’s all about how to organize your home to maximize comfort, convenience, and efficiency for humans and pets living under the same roof.  One of the subpoints the author mentioned was pet feng shui – basically, how to maximize the chi of your house for your pets, in order to maximize their chi, and so on and so on.  But I was left hanging when the author moved onto other points and didn’t tell me exactly HOW to improve doggie and kitty chi…

So now, I’m looking around my house and noting all the things I’m currently doing wrong for my pets: carpet flooring, wool rugs, and pet beds placed strategically purely for looks but not convenience.  WHAT is a pet parent to do in such a state of despair?!?!

My solution was to search for pet feng shui books, which was pretty unsuccessful.  But it just seems like it should EXIST…doesn’t it?  Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems like an important topic.

Well, I AM crazy…crazy for my pets!  So come on, feng shui experts, get that pet feng shui book going already!!!

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