Cindy In Charge!

With Dustin’s new job taking him out of the house, and me being on semi-summer vacay (there’s no true vacation in grad school, let me tell you), I’ve been put in an unique position I haven’t found myself in in awhile: person in charge of the house and pets.

I started out this transition TOTALLY at a loss – I’m talking about me sitting on the couch for 8 hours, starving, but not knowing what to eat without Dustin there to make it for me!

Well, I’ve been pretty proud of my person-in-chargeness lately…I walk the dogs in the morning, clean the litter box, and have even begun to make food for myself! My proudest moment was making dinner on the fly, from scratch. Even the dogs have gotten used to seeing me at home instead of Dustin!

Yeah, I’m probably being proactive around the house as a way to put off my studying ( I looooove the procrastination), but I say, as long as I’m productive, I’m allowed. Bring on the long dog walks!!!

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