Top 10 Most Memorable Moments As A First-Time Dog Owner


Ten months ago, my girlfriend and I just got our first puppy together. We’ve both had dogs as kids but this is our first time as adults owning a dog that we can both call “our own.”

We’ve come up with a list of what we believe are a few key moments most new dog owners look back at when thinking about their furry pals. There’s all manner of firsts, but we think these are the ones that most dog owners can agree are the best. This list (in no particular order) hopefully summarizes not only our experiences, but maybe some you’ve had yourselves or will get to look forward to soon.

  1. The first (few) time(s) your dog pees and poops on your wonderful carpet. (Awwww whaaat?!  Nooo!)
  2. The look on his/her face getting caught chewing something that isn’t theirs for the first time. (Heeey!! Nooo!)
  3. How proud he or she looks when they obey your first command. (Good job!!)
  4. Their first cry or whine when you leave your home without them. (Aww bye baby!)
  5. The first time he/she is excited to see you when you get home. (Awww I missed you too!)
  6. Their first trip in the car.  This includes them discovering the wind and the window. (Hahaha!)
  7. When they make their first friend at the dog park. (Ahh, finally socialized…)
  8. Their first bath. (You look so skinny with your fur all wet!)
  9. The first time you throw the ball and they ACTUALLY bring it back to you! (Yeessss!)
  10. The first time they see their reflection and become self aware. (Who is that?!)

It’s these good and bad moments, and countless others, that make owning a dog worth while.

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