Review: Yoghund Organic Frozen Yogurt

129_2285A couple weeks ago, Pom Pom had her 12th birthday. To celebrate, we bought some doggie frozen yogurt for her and her K9 buds.

I was very impressed by Yoghund, because it was a HUGE hit with Pom Pom and company – Pom finished half of her cup in one sitting, and ate up the rest the next night! While Casper and Yoshi didn’t eat theirs quite as quickly as Pom Pom, they seemed to enjoy licking at it for a good long time.

The banana & peanut butter flavor frozen yogurt is USDA certified organic, and has no sugar added (removing *slight* guilt on my end for feeding it to the doggies).

And as someone who insists on knowing what all the ingredients are that go into my dog’s food, I was happy with the simple, straightforward ingredients in Yoghund: organic low fat yogurt, water, organic banana puree, and organic roasted peanuts. I noticed no weird side effects the next day wiht the doggies, which is always a plus when trying new treats….

The price was also reasonable – 4 cups of yogurt for $5.99. That just happened to be enough for 3 small dogs and one cup for the kitties to share…although the cats weren’t as intrigued by the frozen treat.

The downside to the frozen yogurt would be the differences in interest by different dogs – Pom Pom seemed to love the frozen consistency of the treat (imagine a slightly frozen icee), and licked at it even when it melted and became more of a cold drink, but Casper and Yoshi lost interest after the first night. That really wasn’t an issue though, because Pom Pom took care of that problem….

All in all, Yoghund was a worthwhile birthday treat for the dogs, and a nice way to celebrate a special occasion. Plus, it really helped to cool down Pom Pom’s internal temperature in the 104 degree weather!



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