Dog of the Day: Miracle from Arizona Humane Society!

Miracle A269429

When other shelters around the valley run out of space to kennel dogs and they have to consider euthanizing animals for space, the Arizona Humane Society takes adoptable dogs to their shelter to have a second chance to be someone’s lifelong friend. It is a miracle that this one-year-old American Pit bull terrier was taken off the list and brought to the AHS shelter to find a new home.

Appropriately named, Miracle is a faithful four-legged companion who promises to be a forever friend. Loyalty and devotion can been seen with just one glace into her big brown eyes. Miracle loves attention, and this 60 pound lap dog won’t think twice about lugging herself onto the couch to cuddle with those she loves most.

Miracle loves to play, and this energetic pup will need a human pal who is dedicated to daily walks and exercise. She loves to play with rope toys, and when she spots her human pal with a toy in hand she will do a play bow and anticipate when the toy will be thrown. After retrieving the toy, Miracle will eagerly gallop back to her human pal while her fly away ears bounce from side to side. She loves to play in the back yard with older children, but because she is rambunctious she may be too rowdy for tumbling toddlers.

Miracle may need some additional training, but she is eager to impress her loved ones and this clever canine catches on to new things quickly. She enjoys the companionship of other friendly and playful dogs, but a dog introduction is required and she must be fed separately from other dogs.

Miracle is waiting for another miracle… to finally find a home.

She is available now at the Arizona Humane Society’s Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion, 1521 West Dobbins Road in Phoenix. Her adoption fee is just $35 because she is a member of our Lonely Hearts club and has been waiting for a new home since June. This fee includes her spay surgery, vaccines, a colorful collar and leash, an AHS I.D. tag, and a follow-up veterinary exam. For more information about Miracle, please call (602) 997-7586 ext. 1045 and ask for animal ID number A269429 or log on to

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