Ten Tips for Dealing with Arthritis in Dogs

dog arth1. Provide your pooch with soft bedding.

2. Have short, gentle play sessions.

3. Provide gentle massages and physical therapy.

4. Place food and water bowls on a low table or crate, or in a raised feeder, to avoid neck and spine strain.

5. Groom the areas of her body that may be hard for your dog to reach.

6. Buy her a firm, orthopedic foam bed.

7. Get a portable dog ramp to allow your dog access to the car or other areas where she’ll have to jump or climb.

8. Work with your veterinarian to create a program to minimize your dog’s pain while keeping him healthy.

9. Dogs with arthritis should engage in daily low-impact exercise such as walking or, if possible, swimming.

10. Do not give your dog human medication, such as glucosamine, without first checking with your vet.

Source: aspca.org

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