When Married Couples Officially Lose Their Minds

dialoguebubbleI realized a little quirk Cindy and I have: We take turns acting as interpreters for our dogs, leading to full-on conversations where one of us translates what we believe the dog is thinking.

Here’s an example, using a real-life Human-Dog-Human conversation:

Cindy: “Casper, don’t take Pom Pom’s chew stick!”

Me, speaking as Casper (By the way, when I speak as Casper, I use this dopey, innocent voice, so imagine something like that) : “But I want HER stick, my stick is boring and stupid!”

Here’s the best part…Cindy talks to Casper as if HE just said that last line: “YOU just want whatever Pom Pom has, you’re such a big baby.”

These human-dog-human translations also work for common questions such as “Did you go outside to pee yet?” and the all-important “When was the last time you ate?”

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