Would You Pay Someone to Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop?




Craigslist, you magnificent bastard. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of individuals offering a doggie poop pick-up service, but it IS the first time I’ve seen it up on the big CL.

Here’s a real ad found on Craigslist: (Spelling, grammar, and punctuation left as-is)

Why let the POOPER SCOOPER pick up where your dog left off?

*****Dog waste is NOT fertilizer! It contains bacteria that can be harmul to pets and humans.

*****Isn’t it time you enjoyed your yard again?!

*****No one enjoys poop scooping, that’s why we’re here for you!

*****We take the waste off-site so you’ll never have to see it or smell it again!

*****Company Security! In an industry where businesses come and go, you can trust we will be in business and taking care of your needs!

*****Convenient ‘price per visit’ option allows you to choose the service that fits your needs best…anything from one time to multiple times per week. Prices start $12/week/dog.

*****Quick and convenient service with a bright yellow “Poo Pee Doo was here” card taped to your front door!

Ready to get started?! Sign Up Today!

So what do YOU think? A worthy service? Or one more reason  to want to meet a lazy dog owner in a dark alley?

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