Top 10 Low-Maintenance Dogs

Not everyone wants to do a triathlon on the weekends. A lot of people just want to relax when they get home and chill out with their dog. Here are the top 10 breeds that don’t need a lot of exercise (courtesy of

10. Pug


The pug needs a moderate amount of exercise but you have to be careful if it’s hot out. Pugs get overheated very easily and when they start wheezing they should be allowed to rest.

9. Papillon


The Papillon does not have to have a lot of exercise but they love to be outdoors. If you’re the type of person that likes to hang out at the park than a papillon might be the perfect dog for you.

8. Brussels Griffon


The Brussels Griffon loves to play inside and likes to go on a daily walk. Because of their short snout heat stroke is a big concern and owners must keep them out of hot weather.

7. Pomeranian


Pomeranians actually have a lot of energy but because they’re so small getting them enough exercise is fairly simple. A long walk or a little bit of play time is enough for these little fire crackers.

6. Bichon Frise


The Bichon Frise is almost the definition of a low maintenance dog. A daily walk and playtime is great but they will pretty much go with the flow and are not overly demanding.

5. Senior Rescue Dog


All of the senior dogs at Lab Rescuers were completely trained, very nice and low energy. For people that just want a low energy dog to relax with a senior rescue dog is the perfect companion.

4. Chihuahua


A true lap dog, the Chihuahua needs a half hour walk every day but will enjoy hanging out around the house the rest of the day.

3. English Toy Spaniel


A close relative of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Cavalier Spaniels need a good hour of exercise a day with plenty of outdoor time. The English Toy Spaniels on the other hand are not outdoor dogs and a short walk every day is enough for them.

2. Pekingese


All these little guys need are a short walk to keep them happy. Make sure you spend some of your extra time grooming them to keep their coat from getting tangled.

1. Mastiff


With the little dogs dominating the list the Mastiff swoops in and steals the crown for the big dogs. The Mastiff is the only breed in the illustrated directory of dogs that is labeled as lazy. They might also need to be motivated to get the exercise that they need. A short walk or a quick game of fetch is all that is needed for this huge breed.

While there is nothing wrong with choosing a breed just because you would prefer to hang out around the house with them, remember that all dogs need a daily walk, training and as much socializing as possible. Beyond that any of these 10 breeds are a great choice to relax with.


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