Reflecting on a year with Beary

We celebrated Beary White’s second birthday by giving him a strawberry Pup-Pie decorated with dried fruit, nut and veggie toppings. Mike and I both tried it (hey, why not?) and those little cake slices are not bad. We also bought him an extra pricey duck, which he eagerly beheaded in less than a week. (Why do the most expensive toys not hold up?) Bear’s birthday causes me to reflect on this last year, and all that has happened in his world.

  1. Beary’s parents (that’s Mike and I) are getting married. Yippee! October 17 to be exact. Mr. Bear patiently waits for his “w-a-l-k” as we stuff envelopes, choose wedding songs and sample favors.
  2. He poses for pictures in his black bow tie, which he’ll sport on our wedding day.
  3. Beary has never really barked, but this last year, he seems to be startled by strangers and loud noises. He hates the vacuum!
  4. Unlike Beary’s first year, he has refrained from eating my heels and flip-flops.
  5. Beary learned to deal with another important 2-year-old in my life – my niece Zoe, who loves to smother him with hugs and kisses, not to mention honking his nose.
  6. He has become best buddies with my parent’s bichon frise Molly. They seem to thoroughly enjoy peeing contests on their walks together.
  7. Lastly, Beary has become more of a cuddlebug than ever before, sleeping as close to me as he possibly can.

Here’s to looking at Beary’s next year with hopes for adventure, fun and hmmm… what about babies? Ha! Just kidding Mike!

Beary’s 2nd Birthday

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