Dog Toy Graveyard: Viewer Discretion Advised

Casper’s been on a rampage lately: Oversized hot dogs, green sheep, mini monkeys, and squirrels are completely defenseless as soon as our fearless Corgimo tastes that sweet squeak toy stuffing:

 This used to be a hot dog Halloween costume–now it’s just two saggy buns and a sorry excuse for a condiment. Have you ever seen a dog play with stuffed mustard? I have…and it ain’t pretty.




 This may be the saddest victim of all. Mr. Monkey is about a big as two quarters and was 99% decapitated in under a minute.



 Green sheep seen severely hemorrhaging stuffing and a squeaker.



One squirrel minus two ears. Of all the toys here, this guy held up the longest by far–more than a year. His two stuffed squirrel brothers live on to tell his story. 


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