When Spoiled Dogs Go On Strike



When I was a kid, my dream job was to be a video game tester– sit around all day, playing some new version of Super Mario Bros, and only getting up from the couch to go to the bathroom because the chairtoilet hasn’t yet been invented.

I suppose the dog-version of a dream job would be dog food/treat tester.  It just so happens that I live with two dogs lucky enough to snag this little gig.

Casper and Pom Pom benefit firsthand from all the product reviews we do for the site–this means they get to sample new treats, chews, toys, and food on a regular basis.

Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that these pampered little fluff-gods have been on a mini-strike from their usual kibble the past few days. I recently got ahold of a couple of cans of Dogswell soft food (Dogswell soft food review coming next week *coughplugcough*). So for about a week, I mixed in a small amount of the soft food with their kibble.

The new stuff went over well to say the least.

Unfortunately for them, I ran out of the tasty Dogswell cans this past weekend. This week, they’ve gone back to the usual: Solid Gold premium food with shavings of Natural Balance lamb-flavored food roll grated on top–I know, isn’t that just HORRIBLE!?

They’ve been turning up their noses at it all week. They’ll finally eat it later in the afternoon when they remember how hungry they are.

Dog product testers are a bunch of prima donnas…

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