Celebrity Dog Encounter!




This weekend, I met Brittany Murphy’s dog, Bella the Maltese, and sold a bunch of stuff for Bella to Brittany Murphy’s mom. Yep…that’s right!

At the time this interaction happened, I didn’t know who Bella’s mama was – all I knew was the Bella’s grandma was the human mom of a special VIP guest in town….

Little did I know, Brittany Murphy is filming a movie here in Eugene and will be here for a total of three weeks.  I know, I was just as shocked as you to find out that a movie would be filmed here in Eugene!

Celebrity doggie or not, Bella was a sweet little girl in an adorable pink and white Juicy jumpsuit, and ran around LexiDog happily in search of treats.  Brittany’s mom was also a very nice lady.  I guess celebrities aren’t immune to the gene that forces all of us to spoil our dogs…they just have more money to do it with!

This interaction marks the closest “celebrity” encounter I’ve had since a trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in high school, where I “outted” a heavily-cloaked Nicholas Cage getting out of a roller coaster ride.

Funny…I lived in San Diego for 6 years, which is a mere 2 hours away from L.A., and the only celebrity encounters I’ve had have been up North….  Maybe if I move to Alaska, I’ll actually be able to TALK to a celebrity!

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