10 Questions to Ask Your Vet

veterinarianWith the start of a new year, it’s a great time to make the resolution to take better care of your dog. What better way to kick things off then making a visit to your local veterinarian–seriously, it’s not as painful as it sounds (hey, at least the vet won’t be sticking YOU in the rear with a thermometer). Here, in no particular order, are 10 important questions to ask your veterinarian:

  1. 1. What vaccinations should my animal have?
  2. 2. When should I have my dog tested for heartworm and start him/her on a heartworm preventative?
  3. What kind of flea/tick prevention program do you recommend?
  4. If I have an emergency, how can I reach you?
  5. What type of food is best? How often & how much should I feed?
  6. Can I call your office if I have questions about my animal’s health or behavior?
  7. What kind of teeth and nail care can I do at home?
  8. Are there any common diseases and/or condition particular to my dog’s breed that I should know about?
  9. Is my dog currently at a healthy weight?
  10. When will she need another veterinary visit/exam?
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