• Ten Ways To Get Rid of Doggie Boredom

    There are few things worse than a dog who is bored–just ask your couch, your trashcan, or your favorite pair of shoes. Here are ten ways to keep your dog entertained (and your shoes in wearable condition).

    1. Give your dog something to chew that will last 30 minutes or longer, such as rawhide sticks or rubber dog toys.

    2. Break up the routine. Instead of walking your dog on the usual pathways, take them on a longer walk or to a new area they’ve never walked to before.

    3. Teach your dog some new tricks. In addition to giving your dog a new challenge, it’s a great way to bond with your pooch.

    4. Introduce your dog to the world of Kong. These toys, which can be bought from just about any pet store, can be filled with both hard and soft, lickable treats that will provide your dogs with a challenging way to get their treats. If you already have a Kong in the house, fill in with a new treat to mix things up.

    5. Keep that doggie brain curious and stimulated by showing them new objects, such as an old, rolled up sock and cardboard boxes with toys in them.

    6. Meet some new friends! A great way to keep your dog social and pleasant around other people and dogs is to interact with other dogs and their owners on walks in public, dog-friendly places.

    7. Take your dog to the dog park. After 30+ minutes of running around with other dogs, your pooch will be truly pooped.

    8. Brush your dog regularly. Your dog will love it, and it’s another great way to bond (having less hair shed around the house is pretty nice, too).

    9. Take your dog on a roadtrip! Even if it’s just down the street, your dog will love to get out of the house and stare out the window of a moving car.

    10. If weather permits, give your dog a bath. It’s a great way to bond with your dog (seriously!), plus, it’ll save you some money by skipping a trip to the groomer.

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