• Dog Owners: Time To Prepare For Flea and Tick Season!


    If you’ve ever experienced the nightmare that is flea infestation in your home and/or on your dog, then you know how much it sucks. Serious infestations can be very difficult and costly to get rid of–so here’s an idea: Before fleas get out of hand, follow these basic guidelines to help make this a creepy crawly-free season:

    1) Stay away from the cheap stuff. Flea collars and flea/tick drops are virtually useless. Products such as Frontline and Advantage are much better at killing fleas and also preventing further flea problems. It’s not cheap (usually around $40-$50 for a 3-month supply), but it’s a lot better than spending potentially hundreds of dollars at the vet to treat flea bites (been there, done that).

    2) Keep stuff clean. Fleas think it’s awesome to hide in pet beds, sheets and carpets. Vacuum carpets often, and wash pet bed covers and sheets in hot water to get rid of any flea eggs–they hate it when you do that.

    3) Do coat checks–often. Keep an eye on your dog and make sure there’s no constant, hard scratching going on. Closely inspect your dog’s fur for any little black specks–just pretend you’re a school nurse checking elementary school kids for head lice.

    May-September is considered prime-time flea season, so now is the time to go all Terminator on those little suckers!

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