• Dog Deal: Two Packs of Terra Paws Chicken and Sweet Potato Treats For $10 Shipped!

    In my house, freeze-dried treats are easily part of the Treat Hall of Fame. As soon as I’m on the way home with a bag of freeze-tried anything, my dogs are already flipping out and salivating all over the crappy carpet in my apartment.

    Terra Paws freeze-dried treats ain’t cheap–two bags of these will normally cost you about $30. You can a two pack on barkingdeals.com for $9.99 with free shipping!

    Some highlights of these treats:
    Terra Paws was founded on the idea of creating a line of pet treats that are “guilt-free”, separating themselves from other treat makers. Terra Paws’ treats help your pet stay in great shape while providing them with the nutrition they’re lacking. No preservatives, additives or fillers – our treats are made with simple, natural ingredients. Our treats are hand packaged in small batches and freeze dried to lock in natural vitamins and nutrients.


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