Review: Newman’s Own Dog Treats

newman’s own premium dog treats

Somehow I can’t elude the fact that virtually all dog treats are being marketed as premium dog treats. So we move on to the second-most used buzz word of the day – organic. Is organic really better? Scientifically speaking, I’m 99.99% certain that I’m 99.99% uncertain. And I’m sure, from your dog’s POV, it probably doesn’t matter much. But what I find fascinating, at this juncture – yes, I used juncture – is that I am able to pronounce all the ingredients of these treats, which, in light of this good news, leads me to conduct my own non-scientific experiment: Do they taste good? Answer: A resounding Yes! And I would probably argue that they probably taste as good, if not, the same as Dustin’s Mutt Munchers. Suffice to say, they’re pretty darn good albeit being very wheatie. They even smell decent. Even though I only ate one of these treats, I can safely say that your dog will probably like these, too.

Now, to my tangents… I had no idea that the fine actor Paul “Pa” Newman from Road to Perdition had a peculiar side-gig selling dog treats, out of all products. What surprised me even more upon further investigation was that he sells a boatload of other random perishables such as marinara, lemon juice and, yes, even salsa! Strange. And did you know he’s donated more than $150 million to thousands of charities worldwide in supporting animals? Neither did I! But it’s written right there on the packaging! Case in point: You should watch Road to Perdition, because Pa sells delicious organic treats and saves animals.

Pros: tastes good, comes in four flavors (chicken, cheese, vegetable, peanut butter… I ate the chicken kind) and not too pricey at around four bucks

Cons: you’ll have to break the medium-sized treats in half if you’re training a small dog

Final Verdict
Price: 5
User-Friendliness: 4
Durability: N/A
Doggie Enjoyment: 5


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