Review: Pork Chomps Bagelz



Why your dog will love it: It’s pork skin with a “natural smoked flavor,” so they’ll lick it like a kid licks a Popsicle on a summer day.

Why you’ll love it: This thing lasts a long time, so it’s worth the four bucks. In fact, of all the different chews we’ve gotten for our dogs, this one has lasted the longest (more than one week and counting). It’s also all-natural–the only ingredient is pig skin.

Why you both might want to bury it in the back yard:  Your dog may love the taste, but you’ll most likely not love the smell–lets put it this way: If the lights are off, your nose will tell you exactly where this thing is. Once it loses its flavor, your dog might start to lose interest, so expect to find partially chewed pieces of “The chew formally known as Bagelz” all around your house.


The final word:  Overall, Bagelz should keep your pooch chew-happy for a pretty decent amount of time. It’s not the best smelling product out there, but dogs seem to love the potent stuff the most.


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