The Head Butt Heard ’round the Room



Yet more proof that anyone with a pet should by followed around by a camera crew at all times like a VH1 reality show:

Last night, I was doing my usual bit with Casper before bed were we play tug ‘o war with one of my balled-up dirty socks.  Sometimes, we get really into it…

I was holding the sock up in the air, and he was jumping and catching it (ever seen the way a fish flops around when they’re not in the water? I get lots of amusement from watching Casper jump because it looks exactly like that).

After a few primo “floppy fish” jumps, he looked pooped.

Instead of tossing my oft-wounded sock into the hamper and calling it a night, I just had to push my luck: I slowly bent down and dangled the sock right over his head one last time. All the sudden, Casper shot straight up into the air and tried to grab the sock.

SMACK! The top of his head popped me right between the eyes….and it freakin HURT.  I swear the thud of our two heads coming together echoed through the house.

Casper landed and gave me this REALLY dirty “What the &$*%# was THAT” look. Then shook his head around like he was trying to shake off whatever the hell just happened, then he grabbed the sock and walk waaaay away from me.

I seriously thought I was gonna wake up with a fat zit-like lump between my eyes this morning, but I managed to dodge that bullet.

I’m gonna go ahead and retire that game and stick with the tug ‘o war before my 15 lb dog gives me a concussion.

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