Review: Milk-Bone Dog Treats

Milk-Bone Dog Treats

Milk-Bone ORIGINAL Dog Treats: They look like miniature baked corndog slices and Beary absolutely loved them from early on. Even to this day, he’ll sit politely in anticipation for a chance at one of those tossed treats, which are made with Real bone marrow. In fact, there are only two minor drawbacks, the first being that they’re completely messy. A quick chomp into one of these suckers breaks them into a thousand red particles, despite the claim that it produces “fewer crumbs.” And yes, those crumbs will have you reaching for the vac in about 0.5 seconds, because they’re bit of a pain to manage when they’re spewed all over a light carpet. The second drawback is more of an issue for smaller puppies. Beary couldn’t quite chew the whole treat when he was a smaller puppy, so my attempt to halve them broke the treats into a thousand red particles spewed all over the carpet. Yay. Would I say it’s a “Great Treat For Training”? Probably not for small puppies, even though the endorsement box advertises a cute Westie. Still, it’s probably one of those rare treats that Beary could probably make a full meal out of, if it were up to him.

Pros: Beary says they taste great. They’re also available at major grocery stores such as Safeway, Bel-Air, Raley’s and Vons.

Cons: Uber-messy treats. They’re about six bucks for a small 10oz box.

Final Verdict
Price: 3
User-Friendliness: 5
Durability: N/A
Doggie Enjoyment: 5


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