Missouri Mulls Auctioning Dogs Taken from Unfit Breeders

Rather than sending the dogs surrendered by unfit breeders to animal shelters, Missouri lawmakers are considering sending the animals to auction.

State officials say the large number of dogs taken from unlicensed breeders–more than 1,300 since January–put an even larger burden on local animal shelters and that alternative means of dispersing the dogs must be explored.

Critics argue that auctioning dogs may only lead to the animals being purchased by other breeders. Other concerns, such as the health of the dogs potentially being auctioned, as well as what should be done with the proceeds from the auctions, have also been voiced.

Previous dog auctions have been held–in some instances, breeders have been allowed to keep some of the proceeds from the auctions.

State officials are currently reviewing these policies.

Source: www.news-leader.com

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