Review: Zuke’s Z-Ridge Dental Chew Bone



The Good: Comes in four different sizes, ranging from “Mini” (5-20 lb dogs) to “Large” (dogs 81+ lbs). These babies are designed to help combat bad doggie breath–something just about every dog owner knows all too well, especially when they give you that awesome lick in the face first thing in the morning. All three flavors (original, cranberry and carrot) contain breath-freshening powerhouses like alfalfa concentrate, clove, nutmeg, parsley and fennel. They’re also supposed to help scrape and polish your dog’s teeth.

The…eh:  While the word “chew” is part of the product name, very little chewing will take place, so don’t expect this bone to keep your dog busy for hours at a time. Price-wise, it’s definitely on the high end: 15 bucks for a pouch of 15 mini bones, $3.50 for a single medium bone and six dollars for a single 6-inch (the large size) bone.

The bottom bark: Unless your dog treat budget is really spendy, these probably aren’t ideal for use as a daily treat. However, they do help cure bad dog breath, are full of natural ingredients, and are easy on a dog’s digestive system, which makes them a great alternative to rawhide.

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