The Yard Will NO LONGER be My Crutch!


Do you have a nice, fenced-in back yard at home? If so, chances are you’re as lazy as me.

Before the yard, in the days of living in apartments with 5×6 “Outside viewing areas,”  I walked my dogs three or four times a day. I hated getting up in the morning for that first walk just as much as I despised the last walk before bed, but the dogs loved it and that was good enough for me.

So four months ago we moved into this sweet house with a nice, fenced-in back yard. Needless to say, those morning walks I hated so much are  gone. The despised walks before bed are history. I just open up the sliding glass door to the back yard, they pee, and bada-bing, we’re all done.

Apparently it took me four solid months to realize how much this little arrangement sucks for the dogs.  See, I still take the dogs on one walk every day around lunchtime. Every day, they fully spaz out when they see me getting geared up for their walk.

Today, I was super busy at work, and wasn’t able to take my lunch at the usual time. The dogs were antsy as hell, and I was actually getting annoyed by all of their spastic, insane antics every time I made any type of bodily movement–of course I KNEW they were just desperate for ANY cue that their walk was about to take place, but I didn’t care. I was busy and annoyed.

Anyway, after seeing how happy they were once we finally went on our walk, I felt like crap. I realized how much it must suck to be cooped up in the house all day and only getting to go outside for a few brief minutes.

Starting tomorrow, we’re going back to three walks a day. I’d rather have happy, tired dogs then dogs who are bored all day just because I was too lazy to put on two leashes and walk outside for 15 minutes.

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