Doggie Haircuts Worth Every Penny!


While I find all dogs to be adorable, I prefer my own doggies to be small and long-haired…essentially, I like little poofballs.Poofballs are exactly what Pom Pom and Casper are.  Unfortunately, long hair comes with an added cost: haircuts. Since Pom and Casper don’t have curly hair, we can’t just grab the shaver and shave off layers of hair on our own (although I doubt I would do that anyway even if they had curly hair).  These little dogs of mine require a haircut every other month, and these things don’t come cheap!  Back in San Diego, Pom Pom’s hair would cost us $50 every two months!  Now, we’ve found private groomers who charge $35 for each dog, which seems like a great deal to me.  Still, we are investing $70 every other month (and $420 a year!) to keep our dogs’ hair off the ground, out of their way as they’re doing their business, and of course, to keep them looking cute. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love these haircuts.  One of the best things on Earth is when I pick the kids up from the groomers and smell their freshly cut and fragranced hair and feeling how soft they are. In all seriousness, long-haired doggies need to be regularly groomed to stay healthy – you can just SEE how happy they feel when they get home!  So yeah, doggie haircuts are extravagant but necessary costs for us long-haired dog owners and lovers. 
The things we do for our furry babies…

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