A Dog-Filled Afternoon

Today was LexiDog’s first Yappy Hour of the year, and along with it, we hosted a photo contest for Eugene’s “Haute” Dog. I think there were over 60 applications, and entry fees went to support Greenhill Humane Society.

Dustin and I went to join in the fun and watch doggies big and small prance around and show off to the judges.  We also went to cheer on our friend Mary’s incredibly photogenic dog, Jasper, in the competition.

Even though Jasper didn’t win, he made it VERY close to being a finalist! Here’s a photo-story of the event through my camera lens, and a tribute to Jasper’s adorableness!



One of his ears sticks straight up, and the other one flops!






This is one passed out dog….


Jasper giving his mama a kiss (on command!)



People waiting in line to show off their doggies




Winner of the contest!




Casper gets an autograph  from the winner (aka: nose-to-nose contact)


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