AvenueK9.com packed with new features!

Redeveloping AvenueK9.com was a major undertaking, because a bunch of new features were packed into this little site to make it easier for you to see all the little goodies we’ve got stashed in our various sections. So for all you regulars who come to our site, we’d like to show you what’s changed! And for those of you who’ve stumbled upon this gem, here’s your chance to see some of the workings. Enjoy!

Feature 1
If you haven’t noticed yet, you can scroll back and forth between each of our featured sections on the homepage and its subsequent article pages. If you’re on an article page, you can even hide the features, in case they bother you =)

Feature 2
We *love* pictures and we know you do, too! So to make it easier for you to submit your pictures, we’ve conveniently located a little area devoted to submitting your pics to our Gallery. Just as a heads up, all pictures are scanned by *REAL HUMANS* so expect a slight delay in seeing them online.

Feature 3
Moreover, you can now hook up with our Avenue K9 Flickr group, in case you already own a Flickr account packed with your furry friends!

Feature 4
What’s better than commenting on AvenueK9.com? Commenting on our stories with GRAVATARS! Tons of sites already support globally recognized avatars and we though you’d like to make your comments stand out a bit more with this nifty little feature. All you have to do is join gravatar.com, upload a picture with your associated email, and that’s it! You’ll have your swanky thumbnail right alongside your comments! But wait, there’s more!! =P Once you submit your comment, you’ll see our little *ticking timebomb* which will allow you to edit your comment, once you’ve pressed the Submit button. We did this because everybody to minimize on those janky double comments that flare up once in a while. But that’s not all!!!! =P Now, if you’re in a real type-happy mood, you can also expand the comment textbox so that you don’t have to scroll around that mini-window anymore.

Feature 5
We’ve written tons of posts by now. We’ve lost count. Honestly. And perhaps, so have you, which is why every post is now segmented into wonderful chunks of glorious information — view the date, time, author, topic, comments and email it straight from the listing!

Feature 6
What’s a community website without a Gallery, right? Well now, you can leave a comment along with each picture! Best of all, you don’t even need to register with any service to leave your wonderful tidbits! Sweeeeeeeeet.

Feature 7
Sometimes, even the simplest feature can be a very crucial one. If you’re spending tons of time online, your eyes are probably getting tired of that small typeface that graces the interwebs. Now, you can adjust the text size from normal to medium to large; we were considering the options: Good Vision / You Might Need Glasses / If You Selected This Megatext You Will Need Glasses… but they didn’t quite fit.

All in all, it’s been a very successful revamp and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. There are plenty of other nuances that have been added to the site, but they’re so subtle, we’ll just let you discover them one by one. So go ahead, join us on Flickr, register with Gravatar and comment in our Gallery!

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