Top Ten City-Friendly Dogs


There are some dogs that just aren’t meant for the city living. A Bernese Mountain dog comes to mind. Keeping on that train of thought, here’s our Weekly Top 10 dog list:

1: MIXED BREED— A mutt’s diverse genes often mean he’ll have a more middle-of-the-road temperament.

2: HAVANESE–Generally playful and healthy, and they don’t typically shed.

3: DACHSHUND–Pros: Portable, clever, and tenacious. The Napoleons of the sidewalk.

4: CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL— Friendly, joyful, and great with children–the golden retriever of small-breed dogs.

5: NORFOLK TERRIER— Hardy, fun dogs with easygoing temperaments. Grooming’s not excessive.

6: PORTUGUESE WATER DOG— Smaller than a standard poodle and very fun. Clownish, hardy, excellent for families with kids.

7: FRENCH BULLDOG–Good, balanced temperament and not too energetic.

8: GREYHOUND–The gentle giant of big dogs. Quiet and calm, greyhounds love to hang out.

9: LABRADOR RETRIEVER–One of the most common city dogs. High energy level, friendly, athletic.

10: PUGS— Very sociable, usually stubborn about certain things but they are also charming, clever, and fun. Pugs also get along with other dogs and pets quite well. They are great household companions and don’t require demanding care.


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