Top Ten Reasons the Dog Park is Overrated

dogpark1. Messy terrain. Clumpy grass, puddles, dirt and mud: The dogs sure do love romping around in it, but you’re sure to have a messy dog on your hands back at home.

2. You’ll have your groomer on speed dial. Messy day at the dog park equals a trip to the groomer or a date with the hose and a bottle of shampoo in the back yard.

3. There’s poop...everywhere.

4. Size-mix madness. Big dogs running and wrestling with each other, little dogs growling, barking and nipping at the heels of the big dogs–hopefully you brought comfy shoes, because you’ll be running after your pooch for the next hour…watch out for the poop.

5. That fresh-from-the-dog-park smell your dog has when you get back home (see #2).

6. Those irresponsible owners who completely ignore their dog. They’re either talking to their non-dog-owning friends, eating lunch or reading a book…basically, they’re just enjoying the free doggie daycare.

7. Too crowded. Unfortunately, that small bit of free time you have to take your dog to the dog park just happens to coincide with ever other dog owner in your zip code.

8. The bully dog. That one dog at every dog park that bosses around and harasses all the other pooches at the park (this dog probably belongs to the person reading a book).

9. Your dog starts picking up bad habits from other dogs while at the dog park.

10. Good or bad, when you go to the dog park, you just never know what you’re gonna get until you show up…but there WILL be poop…watch out for the poop.

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