Review: Is the Kong King?     


I’d been hearing lots of great things about the Kong from other dog owners and pet store workers. People rave about how they keep their dogs entertained for long periods of time. Cindy and I eagerly bought a couple of Kongs, thinking it would help keep Pom Pom and Casper busy whenever the two of them were alone in the house while we were out.We bought a couple of the Kongs for small dogs and filled them up with Kong Stuff’N treats (the crunchy ones–the prospect of cleaning up Kong peanut butter paste daily from the carpet was not an appealing one).

On our first attempt with the Kongs, Pom Pom grabbed hers gently in her mouth and walked into the corner and started licking the part of the treat that was sticking out of it…then she got up and walked away from it. Pom’s not much of a chewer, so I had already decided that if she had any interest in the Kong beyond 15 seconds, then I would be witnessing a minor miracle.Casper is much more into chewing things. He showed much more interest in the Kong and its contents than Pom Pom did at first. Unfortunately, his interest in the Kong didn’t last very long either.So, we didn’t have the best luck with the Kong. They just seem to be a little too hard for our dog’s small mouths, as far as chewing goes. Maybe they are more effective with big dogs and/or dogs who are big chewers?

Pros: Affordable (around 3 or 4 bucks for the small dog/puppy size kongs) and very durable, which is a plus for big chewers.

Cons: Like most toys, dogs may quickly lose interest. Treats put in the Kongs may lead to messes around the house.

Final Verdict
Price: 4
User-Friendliness: 5
Durability: 5
Doggie Enjoyment: 2


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