Our Very Own ‘Designer Dog’

I was wandering around Barnes and Noble last night, and came across a coffee table book titled “Designer Dogs.”  Page after page, the book was filled pictures of so-called designer dogs like the Labradoodle (labrador/poodle) or the Pappipoo (papillon/poodle).

And then it hit me.  “Designer dogs” are really just mixed-breed dogs with a fancy name so that breeders can make money from them!  Lab mix, Papillon mix, or Poodle mix just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?  Guess it makes sense from the entrepreneurial standpoint…not so cool from the let’s-not-profit-from-dogs standpoint.  But let’s put all that aside for now….

Following my realization, I THEN realized that everyone who has a “mutt” REALLY has a designer dog!  They just need a fancy name.  So here’s my attempt to give our very own Casper the Kid a fancy name of his own:

Part Corgi



Part American Eskimo



Full Corgimo


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