Holiday Travel With The Pack


Back when Cindy and I lived in San Diego, the eight-hour drive to visit family in Sacramento was a piece of cake. When we got Pom Pom, the drive was still pretty easy–we just had to add a couple of doggie pee breaks in between.

These days, this whole traveling with animals thing is just a bit trickier. In addition to Pom Pom, we have our cat Beau and new dog Casper to pack up and take along for the ride, too.

Two humans, two dogs and a cat all packed in a Toyota Prius, driving on the windy roads between Oregon and California. Fun times!

Actually, it’s not too bad of a drive. We put Beau in his travel crate in the back seat, and Casper hangs out next to him in the back. Pom Pom rides up front in the seat next to Cindy. Lucky for us, the animals are great in the car, so there’s no whining or carsickness or anything like that.

About halfway through the drive, we give the dogs a chance to empty their bladders and stretch their legs at a rest stop. We found this great little travel water bottle that makes it really easy to give water to the dogs during the trip. After their pee break, we’ll give them some water, and then we’re back on the road.

I’m really glad that having three animals hasn’t forced us to change our travel plans during the holidays–I don’t know what I’d do without home cooking.

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