The Miracle of Birth??



Usually, when I talk to my dad on the phone, 99% of the conversation is about sports and some random story from his high school days that I’ve heard so much I can now tell it better than he can.

So I was caught off guard today when he called me up to vent about something his neighbors told him. Apparently, they let their dog get pregnant so their kids could see “The miracle of birth.”

Alright, so I’ve read things in the past about people saying this and believing it’s a valid reason for letting a dog get pregnant, but I have never come across a situation where someone has ACTUALLY done it–for my dad to be bothered by it enough to call me up to specifically to tell me about it means these people must be pretty whacked out.

Really? This is the best way you could think of to give your children a biology lesson? Are they being home schooled without books or something? You DO realize that once the lesson is over, these puppies have to be taken care of…and there’s that whole adding to the already out-of-control pet population thing.

I’m sure you have an Internet connection. Google “Puppy birth video.”

Easy, cheap and your dog didn’t have to get knocked up.

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