Brave Little Boy Who Needs His Daddy


Poor Casper….Last night, I noticed that one of Casper’s nails on his front left paw was completely turned around and hanging loose.  It didn’t look right, and when he started limping, it was pretty obvious something not good had happened.

According to the vet today, Casper must have gotten his nail stuck in something, pulled hard to get it out, and in the process broke his nail.  He spent the day at the vet and got the broken nail removed, and was commended by the vet for being a “very brave boy!”  Poor Casper the Kid, and how sad and cute at the same time!

After being uber sad and guilt-ridden for not being able to be with Casper through his awful ordeal today, my excitement was through the roof when 8pm finally rolls around and I am released from the Graduate School Prison.  I mean, surely my little dude MUST be anxiously awaiting my return!


Imagine my surprise when I came home to a lethargic Casper who moved away from me when I went to pet him, and cried loudly until he saw his daddy in the same room.  Yes, in his time of need, Casper no longer looked to his mom for comfort.  Daddy takes care of everything now, so there’s no need for Mommy anymore!

Pooey.  I’m going to go find Pom Pom now, she’ll want to hang out with me.

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