Dirty Dog Kennels Have Met Their Match…


This past weekend, Cindy and I signed up to start doing volunteer work at Greenhill Humane Society, which is our local animal shelter here in Eugene.

We have no problem rolling up our sleeves and doin’ the dirty work, so I volunteered to do dog kennel cleaning, while Cindy will be helping with the cleaning in the cattery.

I’ve been wanting to do volunteer work for a long time now, but have always put it off…I think more than anything I just didn’t realize how many little ways volunteers can help out without having to make a huge time committment.

So I’m looking forward to taking some of the adoptable dogs on walks along the huge hiking trails behind Greenhill, talking about my experiences with the dogs here on AveK9 (and hopefully helping them get adopted out to great homes!)… and honesty, I’m even looking forward to cleaning up mounds of poo and rivers of pee in the kennel.

My pitch to you, John and Jane Q. Doglover is: Go down to you local animal shelter and volunteer for a couple hours every month or so. Shelters need help with everything from cleaning kennels and walking dogs to greeting people and doing clerical work in the office.

With the huge increase in homeless animals due largely because of the current economy, shelters need help more than ever!

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