The Power of Craigslist



OK, so this post isn’t about dogs, but I’m sure every dog owner can appreciate this story:

Yesterday, my sister’s cat Karma, an indoor-only cat with the most ironic name in the world, managed to escape through a slightly-open front door. Thanks largely to the fact that cats sleep for about 20 hours a day, my sister didn’t realize Karma was missing until much later in the day.

Last time I checked, San Diego is a pretty big city, and when your pet goes missing, you’ve got a helluva lot of ground to cover. My sister took care of all the basics like combing the neighborhood, putting up posters and posting a “Lost cat” bulletin on Craigslist.

That Craigslist thing turned out to be a pretty darn good idea.

This morning, my sister got a call from a woman–this woman had posted a “Found cat” ad on Craigslist. Another person on Craigslist had forwarded my sister’s “Lost cat” ad to this woman, who then called my sister.

This woman has single-handedly restored my faith in humanity with the following: She was driving her son to school on the busy, annoying, horrible San Diego freeways. At one point, she sees an animal on the shoulder of the freeway, pulls over and stops. She gets out of her car and sees a poofy, big orange cat. The cat is visibility freaked out and, at one point, looks like it’s about to make a run for it.

The woman called out the cat, and, amazingly, the cat came up to her. She had taken the cat to a nearby animal shelter just before seeing my sister’s ad.

This crazy freeway cat perfectly matched the description of Karma.

Karma ended up being transferred to three different animal shelters in the area. Luckily, my sister was able to track her down. Karma is now back home…hopefully freaked out enough by San Diego’s ridiculous freeway system to never, ever pull another stunt like that again.

Now that all is well, I’ll be using this opportunity to scold my sister about the importance of MICROCHIPPING and I.D. TAGS, especially since Karma just used up eight of her nine lives.

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