Casper Never Met a Sliding Glass Door He Liked (Or Understood)


Oh Casper…poor, poor Casper. How confusing the world must seem to you at times.

You just want to run outside in the back yard, lift your leg and empty your bladder, then happily run full-speed ahead back into the house.

But why, why do your humans insist on shutting the sliding glass door when you’re outside and they’re inside waiting for you to do your thing?

Yes, it’s cold outside and they’re trying to keep it warm in the house by shutting the door, but YOU don’t know that! The last thing you remember is that freakin door being open!

So, naturally, when your bladder is empty and you’re running back towards that open sliding glass door at full speed, you definitely didn’t expect to hear a “smack!” sound as you bounced off of that newly closed door.

I know it must be really, really confusing to you, because this same incident has taken place every day for the past week.

I’m sorry I laughed the first time it happened…and the second.

I won’t let it happen again little buddy…that door’s staying open from now on.

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